Eco-friendly, fire resistant clothing, gear and daily wear

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Weaved to fit the NFPA standards
Made out of 100% all natural fibers
Uses biodegradable materials
Why Wear Our Products?

We understand and Respect Fire

As a member of the Ktunaxa Nation, where cultural burns were a traditional practice, Ashely O’Neil learned from an early age to understand and respect fire.

“Our tribes did the burns every time they left a place. The following spring everything would be green and luscious, it opened up the canopies, so the sunlight comes in, more grass, more animals, the berries would be good. Following fire is part of my culture, and part of my blood.”

O’Neil became a firefighter 14 years ago, first as a structural firefighter, and later as a wildland firefighter. The 34-year-old launched her business, AshFirewear , after years of struggling to fit into, and stay safe in, protective gear designed for men.

“We make everything with environmtally concious materials resulting in less toxins absorbed through the skin.”

Ashley O’Neil

Designed for Women

Versatile Products

Eco-Friendly PPE

Wildland Forest Fire Garments

Fire-Related Covid Masks


  • Made out of 100% all natural matierals
  • Fire resistant spray is eco-friendly
  • PPE can be recycled, zippers made out of brass
  • Thread is cotton and wool blend, biodegradable
We’re Making Waves

Media Mentions

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AshFireWear appeals to female firefighters.

Nov 09, 2020

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AshFireWear: For The Female Fire Fighter

Nov 20, 2020

Columbia Valley Pioneer

AshFireWear moves toward safety certification

Mar 11, 2021

Vancouver Sun

Indigenous entrepreneurs poised to make big impact on Canadian economy

Mar 11, 2021

Yes, we can!

Custom Order Products

We understand that not everyone can wear a one-size-fits all. That’s why we offer custom-fitted, custom-fabricated versions of almost anything we can. Please submit a request using our contact form and we’ll be in touch to discuss your needs in full detail.